tor capa snapper

tor capas camera only has a live view screen on the back, rather than a viewfinder, yet having seen me photograph so often his instinct  is to put it to his face.

tor capa and his camera

it’s his norwegian grandfathers old digital point and shoot – after seeing how cheap a 5 mp camera sells for on ebay, we negotiated the price of a bottle of cognac.. top cat is over the moon..


the main subjects revolve around looking up, looking down, his limbs, toys and milk… self awareness creeping in.. not much of a surprise from a 21 month old, although within his first 50 or so photos there is one of himself crying which strikes a chord..



yellow car bucket

pappas feet


4 Responses to “tor capa snapper”

  • db–get him a camera w a viewfinder, pls, asap! thx!

  • :o )
    a shock-proof, water-proof one..
    hope you’re well K

  • absolutely agree with katia!!

  • :ø)
    i´m waiting for jim to tell me i must start him on film ..
    he played with his camera a lot yesterday as well.. have too much work myself to see what he got up to exactly..
    he has too many photos of me using my laptop.
    i think in the end all photos taken in the first couple of years of our little family life will blend together for a project of some kind.. shot by myself, beate and tor capa… up´s and downs.. passions and banal..
    always at least one camera laying around :ø)

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